Why buy darts from me?

Well there are many reasons.

  • Its hard to find quality darts in the area.  I make it easy!
    • You might get lucky and find a set at the big stores, but they are not quality.  Normally those are nickel coated brass. You can also order from a dart site, but then your paying for the shipping.
  • I don't make you buy a bunch of parts that you probably will not use.  Plus I don't make you purchase all that colorful packaging.
    • Most darts from stores come with standard nylon shafts, big flights, cheap tips that todays dart shooter does not want.. 
  • I only sell Tungsten darts
    • All darts in my cabinets are normally 60% to 80% tungsten.  Some may be higher depending on what is stocked.  Your always buying quality.
  • All darts are assembled by me with quality products that can be purchased from my cabinets.
    •  Black 2ba Aluminum INB Shafts (1 9/16" without threads) with O-rings, Tungsten barrels (Various lengths and weights), and Black Tefo-X 2ba tips (7/8" without threads).  You also get a small compact case to keep them in until you get the case you want.
  • Because of the packaging I use, you can actually open it up and feel the darts.
    • Depending on how busy the tavern is, if you ask the bar tender nicely you can actually open up the dart case and see how they feel. I hate buying darts online before you can actually hold one.   I expect everyone else to be the same.
  • I sell a variety of styles and weights. 
    • There are about four sets in every cabinet.  Each tavern has different darts.  They weigh on average 16g to 18g and are clearly marked on the darts case.
  • If you want something a little fancier than the two tiers I sell, I can order them for you.
    • If there is a certain set of darts you have to have, contact me!  My prices are very competitive and you do not have to worry about those shipping fees.  I've supplied darts from $20 to $170 to my customers!
  • I can also supply you with any other accessory you may need.
    • Bar darts, carbon shafts, cases, throw lines, dart board checkers, ect....